Universal designers provide website creation in an hour. You can start the project without assistance and programming skills. The template offers an attractive design, and most of the time spent on fully automated websites with content. If the product owner focuses on the quality of the material and wants to compete with other projects in the niche, then he will work on the texts. Internet portals aimed solely at making money do not need a sophisticated promotion strategy.

 -The project is focused on advertising and selling links; you must:


-get indexed in search engines;

-create a reputation as a safe resource;

-show regular updates and work on the site.

 Professional SEO and website promotion are lengthy processes. In such conditions, it is rather difficult to predict the time frame within which the project will begin to return investments and generate profits. To overpower, you can work for three or hire a copywriter, programmer, and marketer.


 Website autopilot is a profitable alternative that will save you from unnecessary costs and reduce the road to profit. The secret of auto-completion is effortless - the staff replaced by a particular program or plugin that configured for project requests. Its functions are to collect, adapt, and publish content from competitive RSS feeds on your resource.


 You can make a fully or partially auto-filled site. The mechanics and nuances of auto-completion depend on the settings of the plugin and the selected CMS system. Developers represent several functional applications that are engaged in auto-completion and adapt to any designer. Consider the options for their use on the example of the famous WordPress designer.


 How autocompletion occurs: methods, tool overview


Grabbers are engaged in scanning, collecting, and placing information. These are plugins that work on the principle of scanning RSS feeds. You can set a subject filter or select specific resources for data collection. When a website auto-completion plugin sees content suitable for the specified criteria, it does not blindly copy it but processes it.

 Such text is considered satisfactory by search engine robots. Information for the portal visitor will be useful. The plugin is possible on the example of the most common CMS WordPress.


 How to set up Full Automated on WordPress


Newbies often cannot decide how to make a self-filling site. Development should be done on the engine from scratch, pre-selecting the method of auto-completion. The webmaster registers the selected domain on the hosting and installs WordPress. Then you need to manually publish several articles with pictures, setting the necessary settings. After choosing a theme and basic page layout, you can connect the Content Master to the engine. In WordPress, it performs several functions simultaneously:

 -a plugin that copies and publishes articles from competitors' RSS (grabber);


-if the resource does not have RSS, then the script imports (uploads) the materials in their original form to your site;

In the options, you can adjust the scanning interval of the RSS tape for auto-filling the site and setting the conditions for publishing the material. Check the box for posting news to edit and check if the synonymized has worked manually. Determine the frequency of posting news and evenly fill sections.


 The advantage of the tool is quality and efficiency. The module collects information on the specified parameters for quick indexing and bypassing the ban. Thanks to the plugin, fast promotion of auto-filled sites is becoming a reality.


 As an alternative to this method, you can use the publication of the purchased author's content. It is available in article stores and catalogs on significant exchanges.  Acquisition of materials requires a small investment, but it is a good option if, for the promotion, you do not need to post more than ten articles daily. You will save personnel time and expenses on the fee of a regular copywriter.


Pros and cons of the auto-filled site

To determine the benefits of installing the plugin, let's analyze the pros and cons of the auto-filled site.

 The advantage of auto-filling is:





-no need to develop a content plan;

-You can simultaneously administer multiple sites;

-lack of financial investment in promotion;

-the plugin configured without assistance.

-The disadvantages of auto-fill are:

 The site auto-completion script does not work on all hosting sites, so before registering you should ask technical support questions;


-not all modules work efficiently, and some of the functions will still have to be taken over;

The text can reach the level of uniqueness but at the same time, be uninteresting for the user. No need to mindlessly use plugins, mistakenly believing that they will solve absolutely all problems.

Should I use auto-fill

Understand the settings and learn how to create an automated site; you can from the instructions and guides. Before turning to this method, prioritize. If your goal is earnings, then automation will allow you to get away from the routine and quickly make a profit. Take decent positions, as well as gain credibility among the targeted visitors, then it is better to work on the content manually.

 The auto-filling will not give you a stable position in the search engines. Over time, your project will turn into a copy with an identical set of articles presented under a different sauce. Automation will help to cope with large volumes of publications, but each plugin needs its approach. For example, WordPress modules do not deal well with the news that has pictures. You will have to fix everything manually.


 How to make money on auto-filled site


A webmaster who seeks to maximize profits can create several different pages at once. How to make an auto-site you already know. Before embarking on an idea, it is essential to choose a universal niche in which new information often appears. Create 5-10 sites at once, fill them with original articles, and start auto-completion.

 Place ads from Adsense and sell links. It is best to implement monetization a month after successful indexing by search engines. Place your project on link-stock exchanges and set up analytics to see growth dynamics. Work out an auto-completion scheme using a single web resource as an example, and then transfer successful experience to similar sites.


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