cPanel - Email Accounts

You can create and manage email accounts of your domain through this interface. You can Create an email address, configure your mail client, change your passwords and access your webmail directly.

Create an Email Address

To create an email address for your domain, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Click on Email Accounts links found in your Emails section of the cPanel Home.

Email Accounts

Step 2 − In Email Accounts, you will find Add Email Account on the Top.


Step 3 − Add Email name you want to create as it will be the text that comes before @.

Step 4 − Choose a strong password and supply Mailbox Quota. It defines how much disk space this account can use. You can provide a specific amount of space in MB or you can provide an unlimited quota for this.

Step 5 − Click on Create Account to create an Email address associated with your domain.

Manage Email Accounts

You can manage your email accounts through this interface, you can change your passwords, change quota amount or delete the email account.

To manage your email accounts, scroll down to see the list of Email accounts that exist with your domain.

Manage Email Accounts

Change Passwords

To change your email accounts password, click Change Password link corresponding to your email address.

Change Password Link

Enter New Passwords, and save changes by pressing the Change Password button.

Change Quota

To change your email quota, click on link Change Quota corresponding to your email address that you want to manage.

Change Quota

Enter limited quota in Megabytes or select an unlimited option. Press Change Quota Button so save the changes.

Configure Mail Client

To send and receive emails with your domain from any desktop or mobile email client, e.g. Windows Live Mail, Outlook or iOS of iPhone, etc. cPanel provides you preconfigured setting for these applications. You just need to download the settings and run it, then it will automatically configure the email client. You may need to enter your email account password. You can also manually configure the email clients for sending and receiving emails for your email client.

To download Auto Configuration Scripts or See the manual settings, click on Configure Mail Client link corresponding to your email account.

Auto Configuration

Once the interface is opened, you will see Auto Configuration Scripts.

Configuration Scripts

You can download Auto Configuration Scripts for Configure mail client interface. Just download the appropriate settings and run it.

Or if you want to configure your mail client manually, you can scroll down to see the Manual Settings.

Manual Settings

Note − There are four types of settings – IMAP and POP3, both over SSL/TLS and Non-SSL too. Using SSL sends your messages with encryption providing an extra layer of security, but Non-SSL does not. It is recommended that you use settings with SSL. From IMAP or POP3, you can choose anyone you want. Both will work perfectly.

Delete an Email Account

To delete an email account, just click on Delete link corresponding to your email account.

Delete Email

It will ask for confirmation. Press the Delete Button to remove your email account.

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